Here’s what one highly experienced Certified Public Accountant had to say about the book:


Having read Michael Ryan’s book, NONFEASANCE, covering more than 20 years of work, I find it difficult to understand why the Catholic Church and, more importantly, the Conference of Catholic Bishops have not made more of an effort to address this issue.


While recognizing that the Catholic Church has been busy addressing child molestation cases, Sunday collections and their security is an area that can be effectively addressed internally.  If Mr. Ryan’s financial projections are statistically sound, it only seems logical to make a concerted effort from the top down to strengthen controls over the Church’s primary source of revenue.


Thomas J. Koerber

CPA (retired)


If you’re wondering how the book comes across to everyday Catholics, here’s what sister Jane had to say about NONFEASANCE:


Sep 21, 2011


NONFEASANCE is the chronicle of a retired federal law enforcement official who confronted the U.S. Catholic hierarchy in a largely unsuccessful, long-running effort to convince them of the need to effectively safeguard the Church’s primary source of income: the Sunday collection. In more than 20 years of correspondence with eight different heads of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and other officials of that body, the author, Michael W. Ryan, failed to convince them of their fiscal and moral obligation to act conference-wide to effectively safeguard the Sunday collection.


It should be said that Ryan is a practicing Catholic, and has no axe to grind with the Church, except for his conviction that guarding the integrity of the Sunday collection should be the very least for which its hierarchy is accountable. Ryan also makes the point that the loose procedures (or lack of procedures) now in place in the 195 dioceses of the U.S. represent an occasion of sin for which the hierarchy is also accountable.


Catholics who read this exposé will find themselves in disbelief that those entrusted with the Church, including its material goods and (what is more important) the consciences and souls of its members, should be found so wanting. This is a disturbing journal of institutional failure to act. Consider the many schools and churches that have been closed due to “declining revenues.” It is mystifying, it is outrageous and, as the author indicates, it will not change except as great numbers of Catholics become aware of the hierarchy’s nonfeasance and demand reform.


Jane T. Carrell


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Learn why, after reading NONFEASANCE, a prominent Canon Law scholar declared it to be “entirely worthy of everyone's attention: bishops, pastors, parish finance administrators, parish staff members, and interested parishioners." See how his opinion dovetails with the statement of a highly placed bishop who warned his fellow bishops that “some in the media and elsewhere have coined Church finances as the next big scandal for the Catholic Church.” 


No objective reader will walk away from this book with anything less than a stunning example of institutional nonfeasance.  Most Catholics will also find themselves asking: “Who or what purpose is being served by this colossal failure to act?”


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