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These newly expanded guidelines are divided into two sections. The first section contains detailed guidelines for securing a church’s Sunday collections between basket and bank, and the 2nd section provides a broad overview of a parish’s disbursements operations and how they can best be protected. The guidelines also include a description of the simple, low-cost equipment that must be combined with the recommended procedures so that your parish’s Sunday collection and disbursements operations can be elevated from the status of a sitting duck (most are) to that of an unobtrusive Fort Knox


It’s been said that one picture is worth a thousand words.  In this case, however, one picture could be worth a thousand dollars  -  every week  -  to a single parish.  The three pictures shown below depict what are, for all practical purposes, the only acceptable methods for securing a Sunday collection.  In each case, this procedure must be performed concurrent with the ushers’ consolidation of their collection baskets.  Any delay whatsoever opens the door to surreptitious theft.

To download either or both of the referenced guidelines, simply click on either of the hyperlinks shown below.  Depending upon your particular browser, the documents will open or you will be given the option of saving them.  In either case, you can print or save them to your desktop or other location where you will be able to later find them.  If you elect to save the documents, you can then open them via your own word processing program. 


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